Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 1# Acted as Government 

Recently, Mazwinda, Sakinah, and I risked our lives just to get an A's for our Lisan. We joined a debate competition for the first time after two years we last joined it. It was awful. Butterflies in my stomach for the moment I step on the stairs. Double the butterflies once I saw the opponents.  You can see from their faces, winner faces. 



The debate going on for about less than hour,If im not mistaken. It was a clean debate. Not with the "aku tak puas hati dengan jawapan kau" Our opponents were really good, I can tell. Shafiq, is the one who brought tension to my situation of debating. And he ended up, winning the best speaker. Congrats!  My legs shaking like never before throughout the times I was debating, I dont know why. "Im not scared of losing. Im scared of winning" That's the phrase I said to Wiwin just a few seconds before the speaker announce that we are the winning team. The result is still doubting me somehow. Haha. Whatever it is, my Lisan is A! There's nothing to be compromise with that Cikgu ;)

Anyway,Cikgu Jamil sent 3 groups for this event. Unfortunately, one team didn't win. But they did win in our hearts and lose in pride. Still proud with them though. From behalf of the contestants,to the spectators that come the other day,thank you guys a lot. :-)

#One day left before the first ever school test in two thousand eleven. Since we in the KRK class, People will expecting more from us. I hope I wont screw up. Insyaallah. 

Eleeza Rocket.

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