Sunday, March 20, 2011

Give Me A Sign, I Want To Believe

Hi, It's Sunday and the last day of my one week break. Which means, I'm gonna get my full exam results. Fak  that. Anyway, this whole entire week holiday I think I had fun with most of my classmates. We went to MPKj for folio sejarah on Thursday. And decorated our class on Saturday. 

Thursday, 17 March
Woke up in the morning around 7.50 a.m. I spent an hour on the computer and rush to the bathroom when clock strikes 9. They were waiting for me at Sakinah's house. I'm the one who's the fastest. Hihi. Arrived at school's bus stop around 10 in the morning and waiting for the bus. Frankly speaking, we miss 3 buses while waiting some people who late. But thank to them, or there will be no second trip to the 'taklimat' and I will be home early. :-) Speaking about the taklimat, we arrived at the MPKj around 11 or late. Went to the counter and ask which floor does the officer awaiting us. Met our schoolmates and he showed us where the room is. Shocked. Is our first respond because we thought the taklimat about the folio sejarah is between us and the officer,only. But then, there were like tons tons tons tons of people *ok drama je ni* in the room, i mean hall. He said that we were very late that we miss 80% of the whole topic. That is why we went to the second trip. Oh btw, we eat at Mcdonalds and Ice room was awesome. Gonna have my second bite of the ice, soon. 

Saturday, 19 March
Two days before, we went to Cziplee to buy things to decorate the class. We spent about one hundred and one ringgit, i repeat, one hundred and one ringgit. We bought everything we think are necessary. Not included, glue, scissors and stuff like that. And again, I'm one of those people who was 'early'. School was so dead and silent that day. Sometimes, I feel like we were the only who alive there. No,really :O Anyway,We stand for Sakinah, Dayana,Yasmin, Zack,Wiwin, Anne,Pyka, Shashuk, Balqis,Mar, and myself :-) To see the results of our creavity and hardwork , don't be too shy to lay your eyes on our class. We don't care what you wanna say. The feelings that we had fun and enjoy ourself is much more important. :-) Furthermore,The money that we spent might be meaningless if we don't put ourselves at the first place. 

Eleeza Rocket. 


  1. Damn,I really miss my past,back when I was in school.Decorating this and that,especially when it comes to Merdeka.

    Enjoy it girl,once you stepped your feet into university,there's no such things like Hiasan Kelas and all that :(

  2. Seriously, I wish that I never grow up so that I can enjoy this moment forever. I really wish.

    University? OMG dont even start with that. Thanks khalis!