Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hard To Run Because You Know You Just Couldn't

"Dewasa ini kita sering merayakan, kejayaan yang akhirnya membinasakan"

Even if my eyes wide open, I still couldn't believe it. My dream country, Japan got hit, by a massive 8.9 skala ritcher and cause Tsunami and destruction and everything we could imagine. By just seeing the footage,videos,news you could feel the fear creeps into your soul. All my love,support and prayers go to the people who are suffering there. If I could do anything to help, I will for human sake. It's maybe not my time yet. One day, I'm gonna be the people who helps people like you,Japan. Insyaallah.

Guys, we cannot avoid and predict the end of the world. Stop saying 2012 is the end and saying that you will end up laughing in the year of 2013. All we can do as a human is stay with Allah all the time and prays to him a lot.  The end of the world is near, but only Allah knows. Wallahuallam.

#Please please please pray for japan :'[

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