Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pleasant Smells With A Super Massive Vibrates

I Love April. Words can't describe how much i love it. For the past day, I'd won several thing :

  1. Won a debate competition after three rough fight and won two of the best speakers. This one, We did it for our classmates. I say "In your face! To those people who say that we're not gonna make it :-)
  2. Won a marching competition. Gold in NGO (School level). Bronze in NGO (district level). Proud with the squad and thanks to Kak Fathiah and Cikgu!
  3. Won an award of Best form 2 student for getting bla bla bla A's last year.
The first and the second are the thing i proud the most about myself this year. But!? The third one seems to not please me entirely. Something deep inside me saying that the others deserve that more than I do. I never work hard. I never study late night. I never revise. I always send homeworks late and some never send at all. I'm not the kind of students that getting applaused for getting highest marks. I am the laziest. But mostly, I don't deserve it. For the hundredth times, I lied to people by saying that I don't receive anything at the excellence of academic day just because i don't feel like a winner. And i really want to feel like one. Just once. Just once in my whole life. Hopefully next year will be the year i will be proud with myself.

Motto : Kick Some Ass, And Show The World That You Deserves It

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