Sunday, May 1, 2011

All The Way Upside Downside

I am the kind of kid who settle down everything including school thing in last minute, i took my bag in intention of packing it before dad's mumbling about it. Then, I realised. Tomorrow is holiday! No wonder, he didn't say a thing about school stuff. So, we ended up watching a malay film call Cun! I must say, that movie cinematography is nais.

Back to the beginning, It's already May! Ohhh shit. I know I should be happy because May means we are closer to 2 weeks holiday. But isn't shit, that we have to face exams first before we gotta enjoy ourself? Yeah whatever,Say Hello to May! And may it brings us with all of happiness and best memories in ze future. 

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  1. hey, florescent adolescent huh? so you're a fan of Arctic Monkeys then. interesting. nice to meet you :)