Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear May May, May You Go Away?

Days flew like it never pass by me. You're a scumbag. I hate you May. You are as awful as your name are. So many bad things happened. And it is one of those boring months I ever experienced. Should I list some like I did in the past post? Yeah, I should. Probably, nobody will read this because I neglected this blog for about one month. And maybe that's a great news for me, so that I could spill out everything here. Not really.

  1. My result is the most awful and ugliest thing ever on the earth right now. 
  2. Dayana is leaving me far far away, I hate me because I could do nothing to change it.
  3. I spent almost seventy ringgit of my Kiosk money. Wasted with foooooood.
  4. Somehow i feel lonely, sometimes.
Sounds normal to you? Sounds deadful to me. I need to do something that will bring me back to the way I supposed to be. Thank god #nowplaying music video Muda - Hujan can cheers me up for as long as the video is still playing. 

Eleeza Rocket.


  1. lol i was browsing one of my follower's favorite sites and your blog captured my attention sbb dia punya tajuk tu catchy and im a fan of arctic monkeys too, so yeah

    hey no biggie, just feel like following more people. nice to meet you :)