Saturday, June 11, 2011

Better Lock It In Your Pocket

That Uncle : Hey, you!
Me : Oh Hey!
That Uncle : Did you still play guitar even after the 1000 guitar?
Me :  Even before that. But nothing serious.
That Uncle : Oh great. Anyway, I heard you have a band!? Haha, true?
Me : What? Who told you?!
That Uncle : So you do have a band?
Me : No, I don't.

I really wish I can say "Yes,I do" at the end of this. After reading the whole conversation you might have known one of my secrets. And yeah, I want to have a band of my own. Where I can be the guitarist, or someone who hits the drum ,the bassist, or the one who plays the piano,the singer who sings out loud,or even the one that plays tamborine. As long as I'm in a band. I wish I woke up every morning, worrying about my band instead of worrying why I never score good results. I wish I got messages from my bandmate saying that they need me now for praticing instead of my classmate saying that I have tuition to attend. I wish all I have to do is produce good music instead of listening to someone's else good music. I wish everybody respects and adores me instead of they don't even know if I do exist. I wish I can play for thousands of people instead playing for myself.

I wish that my band love the same type of music as I am so that we can help teenagers get through life just listening to our music. That is what my favourite bands did to me. Some of them make me feel as calm as I can, even if their songs can break a glass window. Some of them make me feel that this world is mine, and no one can bring me down. Some of them write good lyrics that can really give me goosebumps. Some of them turn my mode to a happy mode. Some of them watch me grow up for years. Some of them make me turns to be the real me. Some of them, change my life. These are the things I wish my band can do if I have one. But,

 Who am I to dream this big?

Eleeza Rocket.

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