Sunday, June 19, 2011

Someone Like Me Ruins The World


Agama, 84 
Sejarah, 60
Geo, 68 
English, 66
Bahasa Melayu, 88
Science, 84
Khb, 77

So after I gathered all my guts, I finally can tell you how ugly and creepy my results are. And yes, this is the worst I ever got. Feel so prouuuuuuuuuud. I'm glad that my Agama result is okay. Sejarah was killing me in the exam hall, I thought I fail which I did'nt. English? Probably had become my least favorites subject. I'm starting to love Math, but when It comes to Locus & Brothers, it is my biggest enemy. Thanks to Cikgu Jamil because he helps us getting another pity A for Bahasa Melayu to the report card. I expected that my Science will be lower than that, but expect the unexpected. I hate KHB since I first saw them, but I'm can't be more happy with the mark. Most of all, I kinda let myself down when it comes to my Geografi marks. I know I don't prepared, but why C's? 

And again, people around me got this impresively great results. Zzzzzzz. What makes this whole thing even worst?Dad said that I will be punished by no Tv even for the weekends. Hari Bertemu Pelanggan is coming soon, I wonder If he will double the punishment. Oh I'm screwed.

Eleeza Rocket.


  1. hari bertemu pelanggan?? do you mean like report card day? dude,, keep up your hardwork..

  2. Yeah,exactly. :-)And thanks! :-)

  3. Mine is more obese than yours. At least you didn't get a fail like me. =="