Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blossoms Keep On Growing On Awesome Dayana ✿

Before you read this, You know i talk crap because I'm never good when it comes to confess anything, I always do :-

It was 24 May, the day that everyone got into tears. I know I'm not supposed to remember the date because the date doesn't mean anything and the memories can come whenever it want to come,Nate Berkus teaches me that. Right at the moment you were telling me you are going to leave us. My eyes couldn't stand to sit quiet, it did what it was suppose to do. Let out the tears. Which I hate the most. I thought I knew what exactly had happened, that you were lying.*You make me sing a sad song for weeks, so congratulation on that.* So i told myself to not believe in you. I survived weeks realising that you will still be there. Yeah I did.

We were facing each day like you will never leave me. And that day actually came,the day you actually left us. The day that your face will last be seen in 3 Bestari's class. Screw me because I always want things I can't have, one of them is for you to stay. Dear beloved buddy, I finally realised how much you mean to me. And how I will miss the moments.The time when the three of us were sitting in the dressing room in Tesco when we only have 8 ringgit in our pockets. The time when we washed the surau's kolah. The time when we slept at my house. The time when I threw ice at you for you birthday present in Form one. The time I created a nickname like Daya,Yan,Yando. The time when our taste in food is like pro and cons. The time when we faced the hard times of being the horrible gangster prefect together. The time when our routine were dating at tesco and go to Sakinah’s house.The time when we sit next to each other last year. The time when I call you popcorn or rollercoaster because of the way you laugh.  The time when we wrote embaress moment on the class wall. But most importantly, the time when we spent the happiness & precious memories together. The ten of us. I guess I just I lost one chinesse look friends with gorgeous face,intelligent brain,kind attitude and the awesomest friend I ever met in my 15 years old living on earth. 

You say things happen for a reason, take a minute and smile. I'm trying my best to stay the way I am. I wish nobody wants to be friend with you, so that nobody can replaces us. ---> From this, you know how selfish I am. So to her new friends, love her as much as you can. She's a great girl. She will never make you cry, she never gets angry. If she don't put smile on her face, there's something wrong with her. One wish, please don't make her forget us because we are more awesome than you guys -> Fact. And eventhough It makes me sad to know that you are happy at the new place,I want you to know that I love you and :


Eleeza Rocket.

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