Sunday, August 14, 2011

Legend Who Remains As The Time Spent

(What I wore,the day I watched Harry Potter) 

That is the brilliant quote by Dr Seuss to fit the situation I feel right now.As you all have know. Harry Potter series has comes to an end. I said to myself don't cry when certain important things in your life meet their ending. Too bad, I don't listen to myself. So here I am posting about Harry Potter. The movie that has been my childhood movie like Spiderman and few others. Daniel, Rupert, and Emma. I grew up with them you know. Well, mentally they are like my brothers and sister. So it's hard to see them fading away from you just like that.I'm not lying when I say i don't actually quite remember the first time I saw Harry Potter. I'm not lying when I say I don't know 100% about Harry Potter.I'm not lying when I say I'm not a fan of the books because I dislike reading a lot. That tell you why I didn't score good results.

There are some scene in the movie that still fresh in my mind. Like a The time when Sirius black got killed by Bellatrix. The time when Ron vomited leech. The time that Harry's ride his first broom. The time when Hermione says Wingardium Leviosa. The time when Snape killed Dumbledore. The time when I know who the half blood prince is. The time when Ron drive the flying car. The time when the boys wondering why Hermione can be at different classes all at once. The time Remus teach them how to face their boggart. The time when Dobby dropped the cake at Dursley's guest. The time when I think umbridge is dog's spouse. The time when I almost fall in love with Draco. The time when they thought harry is slytherin heir because he's a parsel tounge.

 Want to know a big secret of mine? I siriusly believe that Harry Potter is for real, never was I believe otherwise. Because for me, magic is somehow real. Really really real. To those who don't, don't you dare call yourself a hogwarts student.  And Incase you're not Harry Potter fan, I want you to know how it literally changes me. Harry Potter teaches me that love of friendship and family is bigger than love for lover. Harry Potter teaches me that you can achieve in something as long as you keep believing in it. Harry Potter teaches me that you must let no one brings you down. Harry Potter teaches me that war doesn't bring any good to both sides. Harry Potter teaches me that everybody will lose someone they love and they must stay strong. Harry Potter teaches me that magic do exist. Isn't it magical how little things can make a big difference?

 I reached the point where I know that soon Harry Potter will be over. "I'm not a kid anymore. I must grow up" -> is not on my list after the finale of Harry Potter. Instead, I need to have this strong faith that it will never be the end of Harry Potter if their fans is still live with every single memories of them. And i swear, Harry Potter will live inside me as long as i'm still breathing. Insyaallah. And this is really important, Harry Potter is not the end of an era, it is the start of a legend.

Ohh, and yes! I am a .... wizard too. 
Eleeza Rocket.


  1. Don't be sad my dear Eleeza. Lepas PMR kita buat sleep over and have a Harry Potter movie marathon. Re-live that feeling of watching Harry Potter for the first time. :-)

  2. YSMN : Already in my list :')
    Hajar : Good for you :D