Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black Gold In Your Veil

You know that kind of feeling, feels like you are the dumbest human being in this whole wide world. Feels like your hardwork towards something doesn’t worth it or pay off? Feels like how can you survive when you are surrounded with the kind of friends that read a few words and can score great result and you can’t. Feels like no matter how hard you try you wouldn’t be a smart student. Instead, a failure. In the shortform, feels like dying.

This what comes out from my mouth the exact moment I know my math marks. Wait till I get them all. I either will put this face --> :-) or this :-( <---

Eleeza Rocket.


  1. don't worry, you'll pass with flying colors :) you're a smart person.

    p.s i dislike math too :p

  2. This reminds me why I hate math so much. Anyway, feel honoured to follow you! :)