Sunday, October 16, 2011

Furious The Face Of Foreign ♡

Tick tock tick tock tick tock. That was the sound of the clock hanging in front of the class. I can hear it. Even the sound of bees buzzing here and there. I was waiting patiently while sitting on this chair that has been together with me for the past 5 days. In less than 10 minutes, freedom is all mine. And nothing can stop me from reaching to it. I repeat nothing. Unless there's someone who looks like Ezra Miller or Ryan Gosling that wanders around. But that will never happens.

And the vigilator announced "Okay, you can put down your pencil." That was the time, i conquered the world! All these 3 years of waiting this exam to come, finally came to an end. There were nothing but freedom ahead. I finally can be myself again. No more hardworks and homeworks, staying out late night, sleeping in the couch, books all over the room, study downstair alone with the lamp that looks like Pocong accompanied me, not being able to eat Maggi, or even go to stadium to watch football! Oh how I miss being the old me. That maybe sound like a very studyhard student, but I tell you. I am not.I already pushed my limits, and did my best. So if I end up not getting 8A's or getting it, it will not be a big problem of mine. Except for that I will never get the thing I wanted the most. Because I know, I can't try harder than this.

I guess that's the story of  a weird fifteen years old girl who had just finished taken the PMR examination.

Eleeza Ismail

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