Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quick Post #1

It's raining here and I'm trying to find the mood of writing here while I'm playing this song called Gloria by Mando Diao. I think I've got pretty used with this kind of situation. What's situation? Well when you got nothing to do in life as it has nothing to offer to you. I doubt the feeling that I feel before I finished the exam, I thought that life gonna be more and more fun instead it becomes more and more boring. So all I can do is listening to some good songs, not some actually but a lot of. Hearing the songs that none of people around me actually like or listen so it's just me and the song.I do think about outing with my friends, but it's not as easy as it sounded like. You know "outing with friends" sound like "I am gonna be a wild and typical daughter that wanders around like a maniac" to my parents. So you guess it, I have a pretty hard life. 

I'm not even close to accomplish the things that I list.

Eleeza Rocket.

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