Friday, November 4, 2011

Helsing Try To Kill Hyde The Hoes

I stopped blogging here since I've got no topic wanders in my mind. But right now I have. It's gonna be randoms. *BORING ALERT* Start with what I think about,

1. Real Steel
If you ask me to give a rating on this movie I would say 8.9/10. It was obviously a great and stunning movie not only because Hugh Jackman is in there *grins* but the fact that they are able to make a connection between robots and humans seem so real. Not to forget, I love that kid, Dakota Goyo. He really has a bright future in this industry ahead. I think everyone should watch that movie, you won't regret it. 

2. Music
So Coldplay just release a new album call Mylo Xyloto which consists of 14 songs. It is quiet marvelous. And my favorites from that album are Paradise and Hurts Like Heaven. I even heard that Coldplay is coming to Malaysia in April 2012! But, don't want to give so much hope because I know for sure hell  I cannot go. I fell inlove with one of my celebrity crushes even more since I know he can sings and has a band called Dead Mans Bones. He is close to perfection I tell ya. Ryan Gosling, marry me please!

3. Life
Life is boring. Life is killing me. All I can do in life right now is do what I list above. Watch movies and listen to music. Listen to music and watch movies. The same thing all over again. It's like a routine now. Another thing that happen in my life, I'm starting to mend my realtionship with Taka. He seems quite friendly with me now. I'm so happy like a bunny that got another bunny teeth. Oh and I think I am going back to being the old me, cuttin and fixing my old jeans. I know it sounds boring, but no. It is tiring.

Eleeza Rocket.

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