Saturday, December 31, 2011

Let's Wave 2011 A Goodbye!

It's not surprise anymore that 2011 is going to leave a soon enough or should I say in 2 Hours 58 Minutes more. Like any other people who have story to tell about this year, this girl over here that typing this also has. I don't know why but I must say this year is one of the best year I have ever live in for the past 15 years of my life. Many things happen throughout this year and I don't think I can memorise each one of them.

I would like to say thank you to a lot of people tonight. Thanks to my beloved mom and dad for saying that they will never stop loving me and never will lose faith in me. Thanks to siblings that always make me mad and curse them a lot even I know the fact that I love them. *cough* Thanks to my uncles, aunts, and cousins that probably the most sporting people in the world. Thanks to all of my awesome bestfriends, and I swear you guys are the bestest friends that I could find on earth. Thanks to my teachers for creating whom I am today. Thanks to everyone who's involved with my life and thanks to myself for being strong :-)

Next year is never gonna be the same like any other years before. I'm going to make a new year resolution..again. I will bring up the undone list of this year to next year which is tomorrow. And these are a few that I could list..

1) To fix my relationship with Allah and be a better Muslim.
2) To get involve in music even deeper.
3) To buy a lot of things using my own money.
4)To study smart and fall in love with Math.
5) To have my own room and color it grey
6)To have all of my bestfriends with me for the rest of this year.
7) To keep on being a weirdo.

And many more that if I list to you guys to see you guys will know my secrets, so it's better if I don't reveal it.So that's pretty much it, I love you 2011 and I hope you know it. You maybe got a lot of haters out there that keep on bragging about how worst you have been, but you have my word. 2011 is a great year. 

Hello 2012. Hello Form 4. Hello Life. 

Eleeza Rocket.