Monday, December 19, 2011

I See The Future's Coming Towards Me

These are the words that I hope can be heard eventhough the people that I aiming this to wouldn't read this//
Dear people of the universe, here I am writing for you with hope that you can accept whatever result I'm going to have. I swear on my 7 cm blue bear life that I have tried my best. I wouldn't want to turn back time and doing a better routine before the big exam comes. Those times were the toughest time I've ever been into.

Let me get this thing clear, everyone around me think that I'm going to get the great result but me, myself and I don't see that coming. Their expectations are beyond what I'm capable of. It's like they're putting apples on their heads and ask me to shoot on the apples instead I would have them be kill if my arrows are not on target. If you understand what I'm trying to say,clearly you know me.

I never sacrificed a lot then I did on this one. I have been away from the internet and the cyber world for almost a month. I rarely go out with my friends. I survived not eating junk foods. I studied like I never did before. My trial result is the best I ever get throughout my life in highschool and I'm still feeling like I'm the most dumbest person ever. So what ever result that is going to come out, If I said I can accept, I lied. I don't want to dissapoint my parents and teachers. No one wants to. Keep you heads up my friends, because in less than two days, we all are going to see if our hardwork is pay off or seems like ashes that has been taken by the cold wind.

Allah knows what best for us and If we didn't get the result that we want, there are always something better coming in its way. 

(Thanks for those who pray for us. Crossing my finger hoping that me, my bestfriends, classmates and schoolmates will be coming home with a result that everyone is going to be proud of. Insyaallah.)

Eleeza Rocket.

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  1. That photo is from "It's Kind of a Funny Story". I like that movie. So much. Have a little crush on that boy.