Monday, February 6, 2012

She's Gone And I'm On My Own

Reader, please read this as if you are me. You'll truly understand how I feel.
Dear bestfriend, If I can count to this year, this could be the 10th year that we still sit next to each other or atleast be in the same class. But that's what not gonna happen. One of my darkest fear has come to my reality, you will be leaving. Leaving is probably the word I hate the most right now. You know how high is my imagination compare to everyone around, but I can't imagine how am I suppose to live when you're no longer by my side. 

We were barely seven years old when we met each other. I still remember those times though I'm having some kind of trouble of remembering the past. Ever since we met that day, we had been inseparable. You are  always that kind of friend who always there for me. Always. Time flies by and yet, we are still together stand in the ship called friendship. Too many memories that can't be shortform and put in this meaningless post. 

 (A picture of Adilah, Sakinah, Aton and Me when we were nine or ten)

Starting from tomorrow, there will be no more the 'over' girl. There will be no more a girl who'll listen to songs with me in the class. No more radiohead fan exist in that school. No more a girl who loves to hangout at my house. No more people will say how much we look alike and ended up saying that we are cousins or twins. No more face of a girl who knows everything about me without even asking. No more memories will be create at that school with your face included.

So dear Nurul Sakinah bt Shabirin, I hope you will be doing fine there. I hope none of those people there want to be your friend. I hope you maintain your academic achievement and keep on being a genius in everything that involves number. I hope our friendship will not die just because of the distance. FUCK THE DISTANCE. I'm still gonna rock your world, till my last breath. I promise.

If I could have one wish, I want you to stay. But that's okay, I am going to be..just fine.

Lots lots of sparkly love symbols,
Eleeza Rocket.

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