Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sakinah's Soul Turns Sixteen

"If you can hold on, hold on. I want to stand up. I want to let go." - The Killers

Somebody please ring the bell for me so that the whole world know whose birthday is today. And as some of you might guess, its my bestfriend's birthday or you can call her Nurul Sakinah. When it comes to this girl, my  for her is no words could describe or you could say greater than Buzz Lightyear's towards Woody. Greater than Finn's towards Jake. Greater than Lilo's towards Stitch. Greater than Lyra's towards Pan. Greater than Batman's towards Robin. Greater than any two bestfriend characters in combined.

Excuse me if I have told you this a million times but I will always say this. You are:- Too good for anyone. Too strong for you to deny that you really are. Too kind to everyone arounds you. To smart to be my bestfriend. And too pretty inside out. Not to forget, too gedik to be exact. Lets count the days for us to legally call ourselves, bestfriend for 10 fucking years! I hate you I swear :-) 

(Lots of chessy words shall be written in your letter soon okay bitch?)

lots of Xs and Os,

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